Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor weighs in on COVID in the state

MIAMI, Okla. – On Friday, Oklahoma’s Lieutenant Governor, Matt Pinnell, made a stop in Miami for the inaugural Route 66 Heritage Fest. While he was there, we took an opportunity to talk with him about COVID in Oklahoma.

One thing he wanted to emphasize, is it is a personal choice to get vaccinated. Pinnell says vaccination rates began to slow down, but have recently begun to pick up.

“We are seeing vaccinations tick up in a good way, so that was good to see over the last 7-10 days, more people are getting vaccinated because of some of these variants that are starting to pop up and with more and more people getting COVID, when you’re neighbor gets it or a school mate, I think it is starting to get more people engaged in the conversation of ‘hey, should I get vaccinated or not?'”

Pinnell says a strong economy is key to a strong recovery in the state. Which is why the state wants to keep things where they are now. But Pinnell says they need the help of everyone living in Oklahoma to make that possible.

“We want to stay open, we want small business owners across Oklahoma to be making money, and that means our economy has to stay open, and for us to be able to do that, we have to have a healthy and safe community as well, and that means certainly more people choosing to get vaccinated, if they choose to do that.”

And Pinnell says that’s the biggest part of the situation- making your own choice.

“At the end of the day, it’s personal responsibility, it truly is, if a mom or dad wants to send their kid to school in the fall wearing a mask, they have a choice to do that, and you have a choice to get vaccinated or not.”