Oklahoma woman caught poaching because of dating app

Poacher bragged to game warden
Oklahoma woman caught poaching because of dating app

An Oklahoma woman looking for love got more than she bargained for when she shared her exhilaration about illegally shooting a “bigo buck” on a dating app. She didn’t know she was corresponding with a state game warden.

Oklahoma Game Warden Cannon Harrison says he uncovered the poaching in a conversation on Bumble with a McIntosh County woman.

She talked about using a spotlight to shoot the deer at night, outside the rifle season. The woman only harvested the head and back-strap meat – and she sent Harrison pictures as proof.

Game wardens later arrived at the property.

The woman has pleaded guilty to charges of improper possession of an illegally taken animal and taking game out-of-season. She and an accomplice face $2,400 fines.

The incident was posted to the Oklahoma Game Wardens Facebook page.