Oklahoma: Vaccine dosages and plans laid out by officials

An estimated 60 thousand doses of the Moderna vaccine is expected to arrive in Oklahoma shortly after Pfizer, around December 22nd.
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KOAM NEWS – As the FDA looks to approve the Pfizer vaccine.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health has released more information regarding their vaccine distribution plan.

​”Distributing this vaccine takes time, it will start with limited quantities however we are expecting 166,000 doses in the month of December but that is just the first round for that 166,000 people, they have to have a second shot approximately three weeks after the first one” said Dr. Lance Frye, Oklahoma State Health Commissioner.

In a press briefing officials said they are expecting the first round of around 33,000 Pfizer vaccine doses to arrive as early as December 16th.

With a second round of 38,000 doses.

“On the second shipment we get of Pfizer doses were expecting around 38,000 doses, were going to divert about 27,000 doses of that to the CVS Walgreens long term care pharmacy program, so they can get in those long term care centers and start vaccinating the staff and residents of that” said Deputy Commissioner, Keith Reed.

An estimated 60 thousand doses of the Moderna vaccine is expected to arrive in Oklahoma shortly after Pfizer, around December 22nd.

“The shipments will go to certain designated areas and then we’re using a kind of a hub and spoke model, which those are distribution centers where we will be moving it to other regions from there” said Frye.

In the health officials distribution plan, the vaccine will be distributed in four phases.

The first phase would go to long term care residents and staff, health care workers providing direct inpatient COVID-19 care, public health staff on the frontlines, and Oklahoma licensed emergency medical technicians and paramedics.

The second phase would go to first responders, health care workers providing direct outpatient COVID-19 care, adults age 65 and older, and adults of any age with comorbidities, staff and residents in congregate locations and public health staff supporting front line workers.

“We need patience from the public, that’s why we need them to continue the other precautions to prevent transmission of COVID” added Reed.

The third phase would go to critical infrastructure personnel and those working at or attending school

The fourth and final phase would open the vaccine to all Oklahoma residents.

You can find a more detailed look at each phase as well as Kansas and Missouri’s plan in the article linked below.


“It’s a very fluid plan that we are editing as information changes” added Frye.