Oklahoma introduces Project Blue Sky to rebrand the state

Oklahoma introduces Project Blue Sky to rebrand the state

Officials launch ‘Project Blue Sky’ to help rebrand Oklahoma.

“We call this initiative Project Blue Sky because of the endless possibilities it represents. This is our opportunity to tell the story of Oklahoma in an entirely new way, rebranding our state to attract more tourists, talent, businesses and investors. Most significantly, Project Blue Sky will harness the creative minds of OklaX, a consortium of marketing professionals that represents every corner of Oklahoma,” says Lt. Goveror Matt Pinnell.

Pinnell, Oklahoma’s Secretary of Tourism and Branding, rolled out the new enterprise and is looking for the public’s input. You can also find the survey on the project’s website.

Over the next several months, officials will be implementing a process comprised of 6 phases: Planning, Research Positioning, Oklabrand Summit #1, Identity, Guidelines, Oklabrand Summit #2, Start Rollout.

There is no timetable for the project, however, you can learn more about it on the website, https://projectbluesky.ok.gov/.

Oklahoma rolled out a new license plate design in 2016.

We’re rebranding our state. License plate is on the table, new Welcome signage on the table. I want tangible products ready. I understand that we did a “new” plate in 2016. I believe it needs to be redone, but we haven’t begun to discuss timing or optional etc.

— Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell (@LtGovPinnell) July 8, 2019

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