Oklahoma City dog owners now required to keep pets warm in freezing temperatures

Oklahoma City Dog Owners Now Required To Keep Pets Warm In Freezing Temperatures
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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. – The Oklahoma City Council passes an emergency ordinance requiring dog owners to keep their pets safe and warm.

The council says dog owners can no longer leave their dogs alone outside for more than 30 minutes during freezing temperatures.

“We learned a valuable lesson during last February ‘s record-breaking cold,” said Animal Welfare Superintendent Jon Gary. “We needed to protect these pets before their lives were in jeopardy. This is just another step in ensuring we maintain a humane community where animals are valued and protected. Our goal is to work with pet owners to keep their pets safe.”

The ordinance states that dogs in unheated shelters are considered to be outside.

The city can fine violators up to $500.

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