Oklahoma cannabis dispensary doesn’t see a pandemic slowdown

Medical Marijuana At A Dispensary


AFTON, Okla. – A new Politco article says that Oklahoma is now the biggest medical marijuana market in the country on a per capita basis with almost 10% of the state’s population possessing legal cannabis cards. And the staff at the Higher Health Dispensary in Afton agrees that business is booming.

“It definitely grows because we have our regulars from in-state, but we also have an out-of-state program where we offer store credits,” said dispensary assistant manager Ryan George.

The Coronavirus has been devastating to businesses across the globe, but that doesn’t include this dispensary and its employees think they know why.

“COVID’s not taking people’s problems and pain away so people still need their medication. We’re still seeing a steady flow, even with the pandemic going on,” said George.

“The cannabis seems to really help a lot of people that are going through these stressful times during COVID,” said budtender Joshua Gunn.

The Coronavirus may not have affected the dispensary’s bottom line but it has changed the way they do business.

Plexiglass shielding protects employees, the number of guests allowed inside is limited, and visitors are encouraged to mask up and stay six feet apart.

But those precautions don’t seem to be bringing anyone visiting the Higher Heatlh Dispensary down.

“That’s one of the best feelings: helping people out and sending them out the door with a smile on their face knowing they’ve got the product that’s going to help them deal with what ever they’ve got hurting or going on,” said George.