OK couple, community helping neighbors keep pantries stocked during pandemic

NORMAN, OK (KFOR ) — Millions of Americans have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic, but so many of them are still eager to find ways to help others in need.

One Norman couple is putting the needs of others before their own.

Jason Winn says it’s a slow time to be a mechanic.

“No one’s going anywhere to get their car fixed,” he said.

To top it off, his wife Christine was recently laid off.

“All our bills are starting to pile up,” said Winn.

On social media, the couple says they’ve found others who need help even more than they do.

“A waitress had been off work for almost a month now, had children, didn’t know how she was going to feed her children,” Christine said.

So they started cleaning out their pantry in order to give food to others.

After posting on the Facebook page of Jason’s business, the community responded and decided to pitch in. Members of the community dropped off groceries at the Winn’s home, many of the donors are elderly or at-risk themselves.

“I’ve cried for two days you guys and I hate crying to people but just to see so many people helping so many other people in a time of need, and that is really what it’s about. Neighbors helping neighbors and that’s what we are trying to do,” Christine said.

For now, Jason’s Wicked Fast Garage Mobile Mechanic truck is a grocery delivery truck.

As of Saturday, they had already helped 79 people.

“And it’s still climbing,” said Winn.

“We had an elderly lady cry for fresh food,” Christine said. “I had never seen someone cry over fresh food before.”

With several children to feed and a dwindling income, this family is staying strong in their belief in their community.

“We just thought if there are people out there who have it worse than us, why not help them?” said Christine. “That’s what Oklahoma’s about, right? Oklahoma strong and that’s what we wanted to do.”