Officials looking to add hours of operation to Neosho parks, help decrease vandalism

Parks Superintendent says they see vandalism weekly
Neosho Park Hours

NEOSHO, MO. — It’s been in talks for months. The City of Neosho is looking at adding hours of operations to Neosho’s, Morse, Big Spring and Scenic parks.

On Monday, January 6th, City council approved an ordinance on its first reading.

Second and third reading will be on January 21st, where they will decide exact hours of operation.

“We’re not trying to limit people who are using and enjoying the park, we’re looking to maybe have some grounds to remove unauthorized use and address this vandalism” said Parks Superintendent, Clint Dalbom.

Dalbom says they see graffiti, vandalism and damage to the park and parking lots on a weekly basis.

“It’s been going on long before I was here, but we see it on a weekly basis. A lot of the work we do to correct that is immediately undone, and as far as parking lots we have the equipment to do that but it takes away from other things that we could be doing.”

Currently Morse park is the only park that has just 1 hours of operation sign. It states that it’s closed from midnight to 6 A.M.

Frequent park goers Andrew Sims and Tyler Chambers think the addition of park hours would be a positive thing for the community.

“It would be really smart, I mean I would think it’d do better to keep people out when you don’t want them to be there to do things they shouldn’t be doing” said Sims.

“I think it will try to help vandalism as best as it can. There is still probably going to be people that’ll do it but I think hours will definitely help in a way” added Chambers.

Officials are looking to set hours in each park to be closed from midnight until 4 A.M.

“It would also maybe give more reason to be policing the area at night and into the morning to just check and see what exactly is going on down here” said Dalbom.

They are also looking into getting one specific signage that can be used at all the parks and at the cemetery. Dalbom added they have been seeing vandalism there as well.