Officials in Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma respond to FBI warning of possible armed protests

JOPLIN, Mo. – Officials at the capitols in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri say they’re taking note of the FBI warning. We spoke with them about what they’re doing and how officials at the Joplin Police Department make sure things stay safe locally.

Back in June some businesses in downtown Joplin boarded up their windows after rumors circulated on social media that Antifa was planning a protest in the city. “We’re fortunate that, you know, that was just a rumor, nobody ended up showing up in town.”

But the department, was still prepared just in case. Captain Will Davis with JPD says they’re continuously monitoring for any local threats. “We work and collaborate with other partners in the industry and that’s surrounding agencies, other federal agencies, and we’re all making sure we’re on the same page.”

We reached out to officials regarding security at the capitol buildings in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Missouri provided this statement saying quote “While the Missouri Department of Public Safety’s policy is not to discuss specific details of security plans or operations, they include long-term advance planning, training, exercises and close coordination between state government and our local federal partners. Also key is sharing regional and national homeland security and intelligence information in real time. Security operations and staffing are adapted based on this information and other sources.”

Kansas officials told us quote “Our office is aware of the heightened risks being reported, and we are taking all threats seriously.”

In Oklahoma, the Department of Public Safety sent us this response saying quote “We are working with the governor’s office as well as house and senate leadership regarding the safety and security of the public, state employees, elected officials, and government facilities. Anytime there is a large, planned event at the capitol, we have extra personnel on hand for security.”

Back in Joplin, while there’s been no indications of any planned events in the city, they are ready should the need arise. “We have our officers trained to respond adequately to these events if they were to occur.”

Davis does want to emphasize at this time, there are *no* indications of any planned protests within the City of Joplin.