Official: State emergency teacher licenses up 54% in 2018-19

Administrators face an ongoing teacher shortage
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Oklahoma education officials say the state’s public schools hired roughly 1,000 more nonaccredited teachers in the most recent school year compared to 2017-2018, as administrators face an ongoing teacher shortage.

State public schools employed 3,038 nonaccredited teachers in 2018-2019, indicating a 54% jump over the prior school year’s 1,975.

The Tulsa World reports that the increase may continue. The state Board of Education received a recommendation list Thursday to certify another 818 teachers, which included 531 renewals.

The certificates allow people without a state teaching license to teach in a classroom for two years while they complete training.

Oklahoma emergency teacher licenses exceeded 2,500 certificates last year.

A state education report in January found that 30,000 Oklahoma teachers have left profession in the last six years.