Officer Involved Shooting

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is called in, after Labette County deputies shoot a suspect, at the scene of crime.
The incident occurred last night in Mound Valley, Kansas.
KBI agents gather evidence from the porch of a home in Mound Valley where shots rang out Saturday night.
Katie: “All I heard was three gunshots, then after that, it was quiet for maybe two or three seconds, and then all I heard was another, one more gunshot.”
Katie Boehernsen lives behind the house…and was startled by the sound.
Katie: “I came outside running because I was like, what the heck was that? And I came outside and there was sirens going off like crazy I saw cops going everywhere.”
According to the KBI, police were called here for a domestic disturbance where shots had been fired.
When they pulled up, they found a 40-year old man outside the house, with a gun.
It’s not clear what happened next but two deputies shot the suspect.
When deputies entered the house, they found a 77-year old man who had been shot.
We spoke to several residents who said they believe the suspect is the step-son of the man found shot inside.
“The community of mound valley, at just 404 people is a very close knit neighborhood, it’s a place where everybody knows everybody, and this is not something they ever thought could happen.”
Katie: “In this kind of community it doesn’t happen, and in this town, I ‘ ve lived here for 14/15 years, and this is the first gunshot incident that we’ve had.
Boehernsen says while others initially dismissed the sounds…she knew something was wrong.
Katie: “because the way it sounded, because I know if it was fireworks, I know what those sound like, and it was not fireworks.
At this time the Labette County sheriff ‘ s office is investigating the initial shooting, while the KBI is investigating the officer involved shooting.
The investigation is on-going.
Both the suspect and the elderly victim are reported to be in stable condition.
Both were transported to Joplin hospitals for treatment.