Odor complaints return to Joplin

Odor complaints return to Joplin

Two Joplin pet food makers, Protein Solutions and Heartland Pet Food Manufacturing, join a group of three other Joplin manufacturers being continually monitored by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Joplin Health Department.

The Joplin Health Department’s assistant director says they’ve received 9 odor complaints in February, two in March, and one so far in April.

They want neighborhood residents to keep them informed, but they say for quicker action on odor offenders, there’s somebody else you need to call.

“We encourage you to call us as well, but the actual enforcement as it is right now, comes from the Missouri DNR,” said Joplin Health Department Assistant Director Ryan Talken.

KOAM reached out to the Missouri DNR to find out what action is being taken against Joplin manufacturers with odor complaints in 2019, but have not yet gotten an answer.

And while the Joplin Health Department can only document and forward complaints to the Missouri DNR, they still want to remind Joplinites that they receive a lot of smell complaints around this time of year, and say the spring humidity and winds play a role. And those winds can be misleading.

“It’s sometimes kind of difficult to isolate a particular plant, so if there is a wind direction that is intermingling odor from one location with another, that kind of complicates the issue,” said Talken.