Nutra Blend responds to KOAM after employee raises concerns over COVID positive employee


NEOSHO, Mo. – Nutra Blend in Neosho issues a response after an employee at that plant tests positive for COVID.

An employee of Nutra Blend contacted KOAM about the employee who tested positive and concerns appropriate action was not being taken by the company. We then reached out to Nutra Blend about the issue and they provided us a response explaining that employee safety is their top priority and they have been taking appropriate measures since the start of the pandemic.

In their response to us officials say they worked closely with the county health department and shared the actions the company took to minimize the infection risk.

Officials say they are in the process of implementing more protections, including on-site temperature checks which will start on June 11th.

Below is the complete statement from Nutra Blend.

Employee health and safety is always our priority. When COVID emerged, we immediately took seriously the recommendations put in place by federal, state and local authorities to ensure that everything we were doing as a critical-sector company was done in a way that protected employees through actions that reduce the risk of exposure or spread of COVID within our workforce. While two employees have reported to us that they recently have tested positive for COVID, we have not seen significant outbreaks as compared to the broader community and view this as directly related to our effective safety measures. In the unfortunate instance where employees have needed time off for COVID-related reasons, we have voluntarily provided two weeks of paid emergency leave to those workers.


Examples of our safety protocols include: using strict zoning procedures to ensure employees maintain physical distance and limit travel across separate areas of the plant; deep cleaning and sanitization protocols that protect against surface transmission of illness and requiring employees to follow hygiene protocols that minimize infection risk including use of PPE and face coverings, temperature checks before coming to work and strong awareness of COVID symptoms; and requiring telework for employee who are able to work from home. Employees also have access to a company hotline staffed by persons trained on COVID screening and contact tracing. These are just some of the many actions we take every day to protect our workers and community.


When we first learned that an employee had tested positive, we worked closely with the county health department and shared the actions taken to minimize infection risk. The county was very  complimentary of these actions. We are committed to continuing to take these appropriate actions and are also in the process of implementing even more protections including on-site temperature taking and symptom screening that will begin on June 11. These will take place in the on-site tents that we began adding to the plant early last week.


We are committed to our employees, their families and our community and are proud of the steps we take to provide a safe workplace. We will continue to do that and will continue to follow new guidance as we receive updates for federal state and local health authorities.