Northeast USD 246 looks at transportation concerns as students return to school this fall

Bus drivers will take students temperatures as they get on the school bus

ARMA, Kan. – Northeast USD 246 Board of Education approved plans for the upcoming school year on Monday, which addressed the matter of transportation.

“We want to everyone’s as safe as possibly can be. So as of right now, we are going to take temperatures as they load the school bus,” says USD 246 Superintendent Greg Gorman.

The responsibility of taking those temperatures the students will have to fall on the bus drivers, which is also a concern.

“Taking these temperatures is good thing, but in the other aspect of it — it’s taking a lot of our attention away from our surroundings,” says USD 246 Transportation Director DeAnne Harryman.

If a student has a temperature, but the parents are not home that student will sit in a designated spot on the bus, be taken to school and will be isolated.

“We’re not going to leave any child stranded on the side of the road. Once we get them to school we will isolate them, take their temperature again. Then if it’s still high we will contact the parent to come get them,” says Gorman.

All bus riders will be required to wear faces coverings while being transported. No student will be allowed to board without a mask or face covering. And students must also sanitize their hands when stepping on to the bus.

“Wearing a mask. Washing your hands. Doing those types of things are extremely important in not spreading this virus,” says Gorman.

Even without the worry of Coronavirus, bus drivers getting sick is something the district thinks about.

“The lack of drivers I have — I have what I need. And then once one is out we struggle, but we work it to where, you know, we combine routes. We have avenues but yet it is very difficult,” says Harryman.

Superintendent Greg Gorman says the district’s reopening plan is a living document and can be subject to change at anytime because of the pandemic.

You can go here for the full USD 246’s full reopening plan.