Northeast Oklahoma man sentenced for raping a juvenile victim

Northeast Oklahoma man sentenced for raping a juvenile victim

An Ottawa County judge today sentenced Carl Gene Ortner, Jr., 55, to prison time for rape. The courts gave him 15 years in prison, however, 13 of those are suspended. That means Ortner will spend two years in prison and be on probation for 13 years.

On April 27th, 2018, a report was made at the Wyandotte High School that alleged a juvenile female student had been having sexual relations with Ortner. According to court documents, the juvenile accidentally sent a text message that told of the sexual relations to a friend. The text was ideally meant to be sent to Ortner. The friend then told the school principal of the text.

The juvenile victim told authorities the first time she had sex with Ortner was in November 2017 at his house in Quapaw. She was 15-years-old. The victim said they had sexual relations for about a year, according to court documents.

The victim said the two developed somewhat of a relationship that she felt was due to the pressure he put on her, according to court documents. She told authorities that he was supposed to be helping her as a Native American Spiritual Counselor and Healer following a family tragedy.


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