Noel woman looks to start ‘BuildHer Up Ministry’ to combat drug addiction in McDonald County

Ministry is in the beginning stages of start up

Corrin Ramirez grew up with drug addicted parents and lost a brother to addiction. She went through her own struggles as well.

“I was, I guess you could say an undercover addict, nobody really knew I did drugs, it was kind of secret. My husband was one of the bigger drug users, dealers in the county, and when he went to jail, he was saved, and he became a minister and did some jail work. He also ministers to people, so it’s just kind of our heart.”

She recovered a couple years ago and says she and her husband both found God. Now, she wants to help others in McDonald County, who are also struggling with drug addiction.

“A lot of these people just don’t have anybody, it’s a real judgmental situation whenever you don’t know the experience, first thing you’re going to do is “oh those junkies”, and a lot of the times they just need someone that won’t give up on them” she added.

Her experience and faith, led her start the ‘BuildHer Up Ministry’, a non-profit organization that will be used to guide primarily woman, though not limited to, to a better life.

“My mission is to provide a sober living, safe living environment, help build and develop healthy relationships, focusing on career development and life skills, all faith based.”
The Ministry is currently established with the Secretary of Missouri and Ramirez is in the process of getting her 501 C (3).

She says she is hoping to obtain a facility by 2020 so that she can help get to the root of the addiction for people, in order to help turn them around.

“You can throw these people in jail all day long, you will see the same ones continuously being arrested or charged with possession, but until you can emphasize with them in their head and their heart, then I don’t know”

McDonald County has had a consistent drug problem throughout the years.

“There’s always going to be the issue with drugs, I wish we knew a way to completely do away with it but I know in reality that’s not going to happen” said McDonald County Chief Deputy, Christopher Allison.

Chief Deputy Allison says in McDonald County, there are more than 100 drug related arrests each year.
They, as officers, try their best to combat the daily issues with drug abuse that they see. He says they provide the D.A.R. E program for local high schools, and the Court system has a drug program as well.

“It’s devastating to see what it does to families and people that lose everything just to an addiction.” Allison added.
Ramirez currently has a GoFundMe set up to help with funding costs.

“I’m hopeful that more people will step up, that more people will say I want to help, I want to volunteer.”

If you would like to donate to the BuildHer Up Ministry, you can find that link here.


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