Newton County woman issues warning after falling victim to puppy buying scam

NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. – A woman from Newton County says she was the victim of a puppy-buying scam.

Connie Tiemann says a friend of hers wanted to buy a dachshund and they found one through a website called “”. She paid a $600 deposit and then was told she needed to pay nine-hundred dollars for an insurance policy before the puppy could be shipped to her. Tiemann says she’s learned to do more research before buying online.

“When you first lookup these websites they have excellent reviews, and that’s, I didn’t go any further than that, so if you look them up, you’ll see them, you’ll see the dogs, you’ll see the reviews, but it’s all fake.”

Tiemann says she did report the incident to local, state, and federal authorities as well as the Better Business Bureau. The BBB has issued a warning about the Puppies Safe Zone website.