Newton County Recorder, Treasurer, file restraining order against County Commissioners

NEOSHO, Mo. – The Newton County Commissioners hold an emergency meeting to discuss a restraining order filed against them. The injunction was filed by the Recorder’s office and the Treasurer’s office.

The injunction alleges several things, including orders from the commission to the recorder and treasurer to switch to a new IT provider selected by the commission. However, the treasurer and recorder claim they are independent offices, and are not required to change their current IT provider. Presiding Commissioner Bill Reiboldt says the injunction isn’t right. “I think there was a lot of misrepresentation of the facts there, and I’ve said that, I think it’s very void of the facts of this situation, so lets see what the judge says, lets deal with it and move forward.”

Despite that, Reiboldt says he’ll do whatever a judge orders the commission to do. “I’m ready to let the judge rule on this and then we can move on and create a better atmosphere, we’re working hard for the citizens of Newton County, and this is our goal, to have the best protected IT and to support each office holder.”

The other issue comes with checks presented for payment by the recorder’s office to the treasurer’s office. One of the two attorneys for the plaintiffs, William Lasley provided us this statement saying that the commission had quote “ordered the treasurer not to sign any checks from the recorders office under the threat of going to the treasurer’s bonder.”

In the petition filed, those orders are included, and there is an order stating this, however, it states that it has come to the attention of the commission that several invoices have been or will be presented to the treasurer’s office for what the commission says are “improper expenditures” out of the recorder’s office. Commissioner Reiboldt did not discuss this portion of the injunction, focusing solely on the IT issues.

Reiboldt says they plan to have another emergency session on Friday to provide their answer to the injunction.

A judge from Saline County, Missouri has been appointed to oversee the case.

You can see the full petition by clicking this link: Verified Petition for Permanent Injunction, Including Petition for Preliminary Injunction and Application for Temporary Restraining Order