Newton County ordinance gets national attention

NEOSHO, Mo. – Newton County is now in the national spotlight for an ordinance the commission passed back in February.

The website “Defy Tyrants” interviewed Newton County Commissioner David Osborn about the county’s “Second Amendment Preservation Act”. The ordinance is intended to provide protection against all federal acts, laws, orders, rules and regulations that infringe on second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. The act also provides for the Newton County Sheriff’s Office to arrest any federal agents trying to violate the ordinance.

Newton County Commissioner David Osborn says “We hope not to have to enforce it, again, I want to just start the conversation with the ATF if they should get orders like that, and lets hope they don’t get orders like that, lets hope common sense prevails here, and we absolutely are able to have good conversations to say, there’s no need to violate 2nd amendment rights of a law abiding citizen.”

The Missouri House passed a similar act in February. It’s currently in the Senate.