Newton County Extension Center seeks donations to cover cost of moving locations

The Missouri University Extension Service has been serving Newton County for that past 100 years.
The center is now asking for financial support to help cover the cost of moving locations this summer.
The Newton County Extension Center is currently housed on the Crowder College campus and serves the community in a variety of ways.
“Our function primarily is to help people in agriculture, youth development, rural development or anything to do with finances,” said Jodie Pennington, Region Small Ruminant Educator.
As the college enrollment continues to increase each year, the space occupied by the center in Smith Hall is now needed.
“We’ve continued to grow so much,” said Cindy Brown, Director of Public Information for Crowder College. “It’s expensive to build buildings, so we are trying to utilize buildings we already have.”
She says more space will lead to some positive changes.
“It will allow expansion of programs, so it may be more classrooms, more instructors, that kind of thing,” Brown said.
The Extension Center plans to continue its partnership with Crowder College, from its new building at 18728 Highway 59 in Neosho, which is the former ACCI building, located across the street from the Neosho Airport.
“We’re excited for the new opportunity,” Pennington said.
After moving 4 times in the past 15 years, management says this new permanent building will benefit the center.
“For the next 100 years, you’ll know exactly where to come,” said Linda Simmons, Newton County Extension Center. “You don’t have to ask are you at the courthouse? Where are you at in Crowder? Are you at this place or this place?”
Simmons says the new location also allows for more growth.
“We have enough office space already in place to increase the amount of staff people we have,” she said.
However, the federal, state and county funding that the center receives does not cover the cost or maintenance of the building.
“We’re trying to raise as much as we can,” Pennington said.
The center is now reaching out to anyone who has benefited from its services in the past.
“Consider how much it would hurt if you did not have that help,” Simmons said. “Give us a helping hand, help get us a building, so we can help everybody even better.”
The Newton County Extension Center is having an open house on May 10th.
If you would like to make a donation, you can call the Newton County Extension Center at (417) 455-9500 or online at