Newton County Deputies Arrest Group Of People Who Allegedly Wouldn’t Stop Stealing Tires

Newton County Deputies Arrest Group Of People Who Allegedly Wouldn’t Stop Stealing Tires

Deputies in Newton County say they’ve arrested a group of people who tried their very best to get a replacement for a flat tire on their car. Law enforcement says problem is, though, they didn’t stop committing crimes during the process.

Things can be pretty straightforward in the country. But Newton County deputies say what happened on Jute Road, north of Racine, made no sense.

“They were probably not well-versed in how to take care of themselves,” says Sergeant Donn Hall with the Newton County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies say a group of people were in a car when they noticed they had a flat tire. So somehow they stole a tire off a Ford Mustang, but found out that tire didn’t fit their car. Investigators say just for the heck of it, though, they stole a car battery from the Mustang.

“It was inside the car. It was on the back seat of the car,” says Hall.

So, deputies say the group drove close to three miles on their flat tire, but not before ditching the tire they had just stolen.

“So they were trying to minimize their culpability here,” says Hall.

Investigators say the group stole a tire of a Buick, but came to another roadblock in their journey of crime. Deputies say the suspects failed to notice a common problem: Not all tires fit their Dodge Neon.

Deputies say the group drove more than a mile further down Jute Road, and nabbed a tire off a Ford Taurus.

Time Huggins was coming to work at a lumber mill, when he saw the suspects’ car in the middle of the road. Then he noticed a tire was missing on the Taurus.

“The guy I was with asked him, said what did you guys do with the tire? We didn’t take any tire. We’re not that stupid,” says Huggins.

Huggins says one of the suspects mentioned he learned a Ford tire wouldn’t fit on a Dodge car. A short time later, Huggins’ friend called law enforcement.

Deputies say this whole incident could have been avoided if the suspects just asked for help.

“One of the family members even told them, why didn’t you call me when you had a flat tire? I would have come help you. They didn’t call. They didn’t want to bother him,” says Hall.

Investigators say the stolen tires and battery have been returned to the owners.

Deputies say there were two young adult suspects in this group, along with two juveniles. The juveniles have been released, but could also face criminal charges.