Newton County Commissioners provide answer to injunction filed against them

Injunction was filed by Recorder of Deeds and Treasurer's office

NEOSHO, Mo. – The Newton County Commission held another emergency meeting Friday to come up with a response, or answer, to the restraining order filed against them by the Newton County Recorder of Deeds and Newton County Treasurer.

The Commissioners denied the allegations made against them by those two offices, which included several things, including orders from the commission to the recorder and treasurer to switch to a new IT provider selected by the commission. However, the treasurer and recorder claim they are independent offices, and are not required to change their current IT provider.

The Commissioners do confirm they selected a new IT provider for the county, but they deny trying to access personal records from the Treasurer or Recorder’s office.

You can read the full response here. Defendants Verified Answer to Verified Petition for Permanent Injunction, Petition for Preliminary Injunction, Application for TRO and Affirmative Defenses



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