Newton Co. Fair Kicks Off, a Lifestyle for Many

Newton Co. Fair Kicks Off, a Lifestyle for Many

A big time fair has kicked-off in Neosho. And for 1 teenager the Newton County Fair isn’t just about food and rides. It’s about competition during this, her 10th year.

Summertime means county fairs offering food, amusement rides and the most important part for man, animals. Children of all ages are able to compete and for Moriah Donica, it’s a lifestyle.

“I’ve been doing it for about 10 years,” says Moriah Donica of Diamond, Missouri.

And event organizers say it’s the same way for many others.

“It’s no different than a sport, you can show these cattle all over the country and you can play softball all over the country so it’s just what these kids do,” says president of the A&M Society Bill Thogmartin.

Donica shows lambs and steers and although she’s proud to say she’s won several shows, she says it’s due to the hard work she does year round.

“Every night we have to blow their leg hair and stuff with basically like a hair dryer and you have to blow it up so it will go the right way and with my lambs I have to braise them every night so that they’ll braise when it comes show time and so it takes a lot of work,” says Donica

The commitment instills good values in the participants from a young age.

“They earn a little respect. They do their own work and they know they have to get up and feed those animals, take care of those animals, nobody does it for them,” says Thogmartin.

Although next year will be Donica’s last year to participate, “more bitter. I’m going to be sad about it but I’ll be happy that I got to do it 11 years,” she says.

The experience has definitely shaped her future.

“I’ll probably go to college at OSU and either major in veterinary science or AG business and animal science,” she says.

And as far as taking home any awards this year the 17 year old has “high hopes.”

The fair runs through Saturday. We’ve put a list of events on our website under “news links.”