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Summer Driving Vacations


Did you decide to save money this year by driving to your summer vacation destination, thus avoiding airfares and car rental charges? You're in luck! With some effort and forethought, you can save even more money as you drive. Consider these tips for increased savings:

  1. Auto Maintenance – A well-maintained car runs more efficiently and uses less gas. The most-often overlooked and easily corrected issue is underinflated tires. According to EPA estimates, for every pounds per square inch (psi) of under-inflation, fuel efficiency drops by 0.3%. Excess fuel usage from 1-3% is common. Check your tire pressure and inflate to manufacturers specifications (found in your manual or available online).

    If your car is past due for a tune-up, get that done before your trip to ensure fuel efficiency. You won't recover the cost of the tune-up right away, but you should over ...

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