Electricity, it’s something many of us take for granted. You flick a switch, and the light comes on. But, how does that power get to you? We’re taking a look at one of the four main sources of power in our area, natural gas.

It’s pretty noisy here at the Liberty Utilities’ Stateline power facility on the far western edge of Joplin. Plant Manager Brian Berkstresser says that noise, is from the process taking place here to generate the electricity that reaches your home. “So, we take a lot of fuel and a lot of air, put that together in a controlled manner and make a fire, and then that goes out over a series of turbine wheels which drives the shaft that it’s attached to which goes back to a generator and that generator makes electricity.”


Chris Warner is the morning weather anchor for KOAM, joining the SkyWatch Weather Team in July of 2022. Chris joined the KOAM team in January of 2017. He comes to KOAM after spending several years in retail management across the Joplin area. Before that, he spent nearly five years as a photographer/reporter at KSNF. In his career, he’s covered several breaking news stories, including the Anderson Guest House Fire, the shooting at the Micronesian congregation in Neosho, and more recently the Duck Boat incident in Branson. A Joplin native, Chris has had a passion for broadcasting that goes back to age 5 when he hung a news logo he made on a wall and repeated the news he just watched on TV. He’s conducted more than 5,000 interviews in his lifetime with Governors, Senators, mothers, fathers, and even 5 year olds. He took his passion for broadcasting to high school where he anchored and reported for the launch of Joplin High School’s JET 14 in 2005. There, he won the school’s first ever First Place for News at the Missouri Southern Student Showcase for a story on the school district’s upcoming bond issue. Growing up, Chris was terrified of thunderstorms and figured the best way to overcome that fear, was to learn as much about the weather as he could. Over the years, he studied the weather independently. Now, instead of just giving the weather to his family and friends, he’s bringing it to you Monday through Friday on the KOAM Morning News. Chris is married to Amber, a Carthage native. Together, they have three children that Chris considers the most important story of his life.