CARL JUNCTION, Mo. – Arvest Bank representatives today presented a check to the Carl Junction School District to pay for some four-legged fees.

the Arvest Foundation donated $2,000 to add to its therapy dog program as well as pay for training.

“To watch a student with a dog is magical. It calms their nerves. Their demeanor changes. Sometimes they sit on the floor. I’ve seen students sit on the floor and hug the dog and they don’t even have to speak,” said Kristy Jones with Carl Junction Schools. “They just sit there and let a student love on them.”

“The need for resources for children with anxiety and depression,” said Arvest marketing manager Austin Hyslip. “You know, they’re seeing it at young and younger ages. It’s impacting a lot of younger kids. So having these dogs is just going to be something to brighten up their day and hopefully take their mind off of what they’ve got going on.”

Carl Junction Schools has recently seen the benefits of therapy dogs’ interaction with students, including:

  • the promotion of providing comfort
  • reducing frustration
  • reducing anxiety
  • reducing stress.

Officials say the Carl Junction Educational Foundation also donated $1,500 toward the training of the new dogs.