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Education News

Vetoes stand in Kansas for bills on trans athletes, schools

Republican lawmakers in Kansas have failed to override Democratic Gov. Laura Kelly’s vetoes of measures dealing with transgender athletes and parents’ ability to challenge books and other materials in public schools. Both proposals that failed Thursday were priorities for conservative legislators. One of the measures would have banned transgender athletes from girls’ and women’s sports in K-12 schools and colleges. The House voted 81-41 to override the veto, but supporters needed 84 votes in the 125-member chamber. The other bill would have required school districts to draft policies for handling complaints from parents about classroom and library materials. The vote in the House to override was 72-50. 

School library bill advances, sponsor suggests book burning

Tennessee Republicans have advanced legislation that would place more scrutiny over what books are placed in public schools libraries just moments after the bill’s House sponsor said any inappropriate book should be burned. The measure is just one of several proposals introduced in Tennessee this year designed to impose more scrutiny and transparency in public school libraries amid a national spike in book challenges and bans. Republican Rep. Jerry Sexton introduced an amendment this week to a school bill that would give the state’s textbook commission veto power over what books end in school libraries. Sexton says he would burn any book deemed inappropriate for schools, but said that likely won't happen since he's not on the commission.