News you need to know 12-26

News you need to know 12-26


Since 2007, Freeman and Mercy have teamed up to honor organ donors in a big way with a small symbol of appreciation. The two hospitals come together each year to send letters to local families of organ donors, thanking them for their sacrifice and honoring them with flowers that will make an appearance on the Donate Life Float in Pasadena, California on New Year’s Day.


Kansas representative elect Steve Watkins has appointed members of his predecessor’s staff and a state Republican Party official to key positions in his congressional office. The GOP congressman has announced that Jim Joice will serve as Communications Director, Bill Roe will be Deputy Chief of Staff and Adam York will serve as Legislative Director. Watkins said that Colin Brainard will be his Chief of Staff.


There are more than 224,000 concealed carry license holders in Arkansas. A newly proposed measure would cut the filing fee for a concealed handgun license from $100 to $50. It would also drop the renewal fee from $50 to $25. Arkansas State Police says the financial impact of the proposed fee cut would be about $1.2 million.


The partial government shutdown goes into day five today with no sign of a break in the stalemate over President Trump’s border wall in sight. The president says he’s holding firm to his demands for billions of dollars to pay for a wall along the border with Mexico. On Christmas day, Trump told reporters only a physical barrier of some kind can stop the flow of drugs and human trafficking.


For the second time this month, a young Guatemalan child attempting to migrate with a parent to the United States has died while in U.S. government custody. The 8-year-old-boy died early Tuesday morning in New Xexico after becoming ill. Guatemalan officials say the boy, Felipe Gmez Alonzo, and his father entered the U.S. at El Paso, Texas, last week. officials have not released a cause of death.