News you need to know 12-25

News you need to know 12-25
KOAM 2018
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One Joplin kitchen was busy yesterday afternoon preparing a Christmas meal for hundreds. An estimated 500 people will visit the Salvation Army’s Joplin location today for a hot holiday dinner. If you’d like to help the Joplin Salvation army, they have raised 70% of their $255,000 goal for the Red Kettle campaign. The army has extended the deadline to the end of January and could use your help getting over the finish line.


There was no Christmas miracle overnight that resulted in ending the partial federal government shutdown, now in its fourth day. The issue remains President Trump’s mandate to fund a border wall. Nearly a half million of the 800,000 workers affected by the shutdown remain on the job today, but without pay. TSA and border patrol employees are among those deemed essential government employees.


A break for Wall Street after a rough few weeks. The markets closed sharply down from the beginning of Monday morning. The dow plunged more than 650 points. At the same time, the NASDAQ and the S&P 500 dropped more than two percent. Stocks are on pace for their worst December since the great depression.


Pope Francis is urging Christians to focus on simplicity, charity and love. The pontiff celebrated Christmas Eve mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica. He made a point to remind the faithful “all too many” are going without the daily bread needed to survive while others with an insatiable greed seek meaning in possessions.


As of now, at least 429 people are listed as dead and more than 1,400 are hurt from a tsunami in Indonesia. The search for survivors is being complicated by fears the volcano could trigger a second tsunami. On a tour of the disaster zone, Indonesia’s president orders government agencies to install a new tsunami early warning system.