News you need to know 12-21

News you need to know 12-21
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Vatterott College Help

Former students and staff of Vatterott College are getting some help answering questions about their future. The Missouri Job Center in Joplin partnered with Crowder College, WTI, Franklin Tech Center and the Carthage Tech Center to put on an informational meeting for former students and staff of the closed school. Information on degree and certification programs, ways to apply for student loan forgiveness, and job opportunities were all on hand.

Poplar Bluff

Two Southwest Missouri brothers are arrested after police found a truck full of weapons and more than a thousand rounds of ammo. Authorities arrested Benjamin and Joseph Price at a Poplar Bluff, Missouri convenience store. Court records show the brothers told authorities they planned to kill multiple people. They also show the two are classified as mentally defective.

Catholic Supply Shooting

New video shows the man accused of fatally shooting a woman at a Catholic Supply Store in west Saint Louis County was involved in a road rage incident one month before the shooting. The video shows Thomas Bruce getting aggressive while talking with the trooper. Bruce was not arrested or charged in connection with the incident.

Defense Secretary Resigns

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis resigned a day after president trump unveiled plans to pull the remaining 2,000 troops out of Syria. Mattis said he is stepping down because of differences in views with Mr. Trump. The former general will leave the position in February. in a tweet, the president said a successor will be named shortly.

Government Shutdown Latest

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are trying to avoid a partial government shutdown at midnight. The Republican-led House approved over $5 billion in funding for President Trump’s border wall. The bill now goes to the Senate, where it faces almost certain rejection. Senators already passed their own measure by extending funds to February 8, but that did not include wall funding and President Trump has said he would refuse to sign it.