News you need to know 1-24

News you need to know 1-24
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The City of Joplin is working on a policy to deal with speeding in residential neighborhoods.

The Public Works Department is working on ways to slow traffic in a number of areas, including the Sunnyvale neighborhood on 36th Street.

The speed limit is 25 mph, but many say vehicles will go through the area as fast as 60 mph causing a lot of concern over safety.


The Public Service Commission held a public hearing at Missouri Southern last night to hear concerns and support for Liberty Utilities – Empire District’s three proposed wind farms.

Two of the wind farms are located in southwest Missouri near Lamar, the other, is in Neosho County, Kansas near Parsons.

Officials with Liberty say the long-term impact of the project is positive, bringing reduced rates and jobs to the area, but they’re not ignoring those that are opposed to the project.


A new bill in the Kansas legislature would require clergy members to report abuse cases.

The bill is called “Sheldon’s Law.”

It’s named after a 10-year-old boy who was sexually assaulted by two teenage boys at a church in Lawrence.

State Senator Tom Holland just introduced the bill Tuesday, so a committee hearing is not yet set.


A former University of Oklahoma dean is calling for the resignation of OU President Jim Gallogly, after a video surfaced of a now-former student wearing blackface and using a racial slur.

The former dean of OU’s college of international studies, Suzette Grillot, asked Gallogly during a student rally this week for his resignation, prompting students to erupt in applause.


As the partial shutdown enters day 34, the senate is expected to vote today on competing proposals to fund the government.

The GOP’s includes President Trump’s offer to extend protections for dreamers for three years in exchange for border wall funding.

The democratic proposal does not include funding for a wall.

Neither is expected to pass.