News To Know: Rescue team recovers body, fatal motorcycle crash, gas theft prevention and lifeguard shortage

News To Know
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JOPLIN, Mo. – Authorities recover a body in Shoal Creek during their search for a missing man at Joplin’s Grand Falls. Water rescue teams searched the area since receiving a report that a man had gone underwater in the river Tuesday afternoon and never resurfaced. Crews searched for several hours Tuesday evening then resumed the search yesterday using boats and depth sonar. They recovered the body around 6:20 Wednesday evening. Authorities have not yet told the identity of the person. Click here for more information on this story.

WEBB CITY, Mo. – A Webb City man dies from a motorcycle crash in Joplin. On Wednesday police say 28-year-old Juan Gabria Gonzalez-Correa was riding a motorcycle at a high speed at the intersection of Zora and Rangeline. A car coming from the opposite direction made a left turn and the motorcycle hit the car. Gonzalez-Correa later died at the hospital. Click here for more details.

COLUMBUS, Ks. – Another impact of the rising fuel prices: a potential increase in gas thefts. The Cherokee County, Kansas sheriff says while they haven’t seen many of those thefts yet, the thefts typically increase when prices are high. Some tips to help protect yourself: one, get a gas cap with a lock and these usually cost less than 20 dollars. They also recommend park in a well lit area at night and, if possible, in front of a security camera. Click here for more details about this story.

JOPLIN, Mo. – And as you might imagine Joplin’s Schifferdecker Pool is busy during this heatwave, and it’s even more so as the pool at the Cunningham Park is closed due to a lifeguard shortage. It takes about 100 lifeguards to operate Joplin’s three pool, but the city currently suffers well short of that. Cunningham Pool needs about 30 more lifeguards to open.

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: Pain at the pump! It seems like the price of gas jumps everyday, and even though the Four State area sits below the current national average, we all feel the high price. Not knowing the reasons for the price of gas can add to the frustration, and even when you know the factors – such as taxes, distribution and marketing, refining cost and the price of crude oil – it does not make paying increasingly higher prices at the pump any easier. We want to know how much gas prices have affected you? Click here to weigh in.