News to Know (8/20/21)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

FORT SCOTT, Kan. – Students and parents opposed to a school district mask mandate in Fort Scott spent part of Thursday morning making their voices heard at the USD 234 Board of Education office. The school board decided that students and staff must wear face masks while in school buildings and in school vehicles. One parent at the protest says his opposition to mandatory masks in school doesn’t mean he’s taking the pandemic and its health risks lightly. Students and parents protest school mask mandate in Fort Scott

JOPLIN, Mo. – After 35 years working for the City of Joplin, Assistant City Manager Dan Pekarek is retiring. Pekarek served as the city’s Public Health Director for 23 years, was the Interim City Manager, and was named Assistant City Manager last June. Current City Manager Nick Edwards said quote, “We thank Dan for his many years of service here at the city and his commitment to our organization and community.” Pekarek’s retirement is effective October 4th.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Wrecks on Interstate 44 near Joplin force police to shutdown a west-bound portion of the interstate. Police say there were three crashes near the Joplin main street exit as a storm moved through that area. One wreck involved a semi-truck, an SUV and two other vehicles. Police shut down a portion of the interstate from the Main Street exit to the Range Line exit. At last report, there were no fatalities from these wrecks.

IOLA, Kan. – A legal ruling bans a Southeast Kansas man and his contracting company from doing business in the state of Kansas and orders him to pay a penalty and restitution. The Attorney General filed a lawsuit against Don Diebolt of Iola, doing business as Diebolt LLC. The AG accused Diebolt of violating the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, failing to provide goods to consumers after being paid, and making transactions that were excessively one-sided in his favor. When Diebolt failed to respond an Allen County District Court Judge ordered him to pay two consumers a total of more than $18,000 in restitution, $40,000 in civil penalties, and the cost of the Attorney General’s investigation. Diebolt says he believes he is not banned from doing business in the state.

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