News to Know (7/23/21)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. – A sweeping internet outage briefly took down dozens of the world’s biggest internet companies, including Google and Amazon, as well as major banks and airlines. The outage appears to have been triggered by a bug at Akamai, which hosts websites on its network platform. Akamai told CBS news it has implemented a “fix” and said “this was not a result of a cyber attack”. Numerous websites briefly go down in widespread outage

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The Carthage Police Department recovers a body from Spring River Thursday afternoon. Authorities believe the body is that of Thomas Whitaker of Carthage. Whitaker has been missing since July 6th. The Carthage PD is conducting a death investigation and waiting on pathology reports to confirm the identity. Search team finds body believed to be that of a missing Carthage man

LOUISBURG, Kan. – Authorities arrest a man who could be connected to bank robberies in both Kansas and Southwest Missouri. The Miami County Kansas Sheriff says officers arrested a suspect in the robbery of Landmark National Bank in Louisburg, Kansas on Monday. Earlier this week, Joplin police were investigating whether it was the same man who robbed Great Southern Bank later that same day. Surveillance images show a robber wearing similar clothing and driving a white car in both cases. Formal charges are still pending. Police arrest man that could be connected to Joplin bank robbery

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Supreme Court vacates a lower court’s decision in the state’s Medicaid expansion case. The high court says the voter approved plan to offer Medicaid to more people should stand. The Cole County Circuit Court argued the plan violated the Missouri constitution because it did not provide a funding mechanism. This came after Governor Mike Parson refused to implement the plan when the state legislature didn’t fund it. The state’s supreme court disagreed, and now the case will head back to the circuit court. The expansion is expected to add Medicaid eligibility for up to 275,000 Missourians. Missouri Supreme Court reverses Medicaid expansion decision

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