News to Know: 3 of 9 murder & kidnapping suspects sentenced, and police warn of homemade bottle bombs

The news you need to know before you head out the door

LAWRENCE COUNTY, Mo. – A third suspect in a 20-20 kidnapping and murder investigation gets prison time. Christina Knapp pled guilty to first degree robbery and first degree kidnapping in connection with the death of Sarah Pasco.  Knapp gets 15 years on the robbery charge and 10 years on the kidnapping charge. Those sentences are to run consecutively. You can read more about the crime, including the sentences for two other suspects in this story.

INDEPENDENCE, Kan. – Police in Independence, Kansas are looking for suspects they say threw a homemade chemical bomb out of a vehicle. It happened on Monday shortly after noon. Officers responded to the 1000 Block of West Oak for a reported explosion. Witnesses say a vehicle with two people inside drove by, threw a bottle out, and the bottle filled with household chemicals exploded. No injuries were reported. Authorities say to stay away from any suspected bottle bombs, and call the police immediately.

BAXTER SPRINGS, Kan. A Baxter Springs ambulance got stuck responding to a call yesterday. No-one was hurt, and a second ambulance crew responded to the initial call. The Cherokee County EMS posted photos on Facebook and thanked everyone who checked on the crew and helped. EMS says if these very heavy vehicles can become incapacitated — then lighter vehicles with lower ground clearance do not stand a chance.

CARTHAGE, Mo. – Just how bad are the roads? Well bad enough that a snow plow driver, tasked with cleaning those roads crashed in Carthage. The driver, a 70-year-old from Webb City, had minor injuries. His truck ran off the side of Goldenrod Road, flipped and hit a fence.

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