News to Know (12/15/20)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

MCCUNE, Kan. – A McCune, Kansas woman dies in a three vehicle crash yesterday evening. It happened a little after 6:00pm on Highway 400 about 10 miles east of US 59. Police say 44-year-old Mandy Karstetter was traveling east when she attempted to turn north onto Messer Road. Her vehicle was rear ended by truck following behind and then struck again by a semi heading west. Karstetter was pronounced dead at the scene.

GIRARD, Kan. – The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is looking into an inmate death at the Crawford County Jail. Officials with the jail say officers found 46-year old William Haddan unresponsive in his cell and tried to give him aid, but were unsuccessful. Haddan was arrested for allegedly robbing a couple of convenience stores and the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas in Pittsburg.

TOPEKA, Kan. – Different organizations in Kansas came together to express their concerns over the Kansas vaccine distribution plan. Phase One A and B will currently distribute the vaccine to healthcare workers and nursing homes, but groups such SKIL say Kansans with disabilities who are receiving care in their own homes are at equally high risk, and are being left out of Phase One along with their caretakers.

JOPLIN, Mo. – The city of Joplin is prepping for its first batch of Pfizer’s coranvirus vaccine. City officials say they expect the vaccine to come either this week or next. In joplin, it will initially be sent to Freeman and Mercy hospitals. While Pfizer’s vaccine has been shipped nationally, officials say they’re not sure yet just how much of the vaccine will initially be made available to Joplin.

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