News to Know (11/12/20)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President-elect Joe Biden made his first White House appointment on Wednesday night, hiring Ron Klain to be his chief of staff. Klain held the same role under Biden at the start of his Vice Presidency. The 59-year-old also served as President Obama’s “Ebola Czar,” overseeing the federal response to the outbreak that began in 2014.

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – A man arrested in Utah during a traffic stop, is accused of threatening former U.S. Senator from Missouri Claire McCaskill. Utah Highway Patrol arrested George William Stahl wednesday morning after a high-speed chase. The 26-year-old stands accused of making threats against the former Democratic senator. Authorities say Stahl told them he was on his way to Missouri to kill her. Stahl faces several charges including threat of terrorism and failure to stop at the command of police.

JOPLIN, Mo. – A Pittsburg man says his daughter was asked to leave Freeman hospital in Joplin because she had a service dog. Bob McLachlan says he went into Freeman for surgery in august of this year. His daughter Shannon traveled to Joplin from Idaho to help him because she holds his medical Power of Attorney. She also has a service dog to help her with a disability. McLachlan says after the surgery, he was moved up to a room in the tower at Freeman. He says his daughter went up to see him and was told she couldn’t have her service dog with her on that floor. Now, both of them have filed a complaint with the ADA.

JOPLIN, Mo. – Missouri Southern announces it’ll move back to on-line only classes. That starts after the Thanksgiving break. There are some exceptions for clinical and field-based learning. MSSU says if conditions allow, the university will return to face-to-face learning for the spring term.

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