News to Know (10/6/21)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

CRAWFORD COUNTY, Kan. – A recent increase in police pursuits in Crawford County is raising concern with the sheriff’s office. In September, there were three pursuits and all three involved stolen vehicles. One of the pursuits ended in Crawford County after reaching speeds of nearly 100 miles an hour. Those pursuits are raising serious safety concerns from the Sheriff’s office as it tries to protect the public and its deputies. Increasing number of pursuits causing concern in Crawford County

DUQUESNE, Mo. – Duquesne, Missouri police say a two-year-old is recovering after accidentally shooting himself. Police say the boy’s father left his gun in a work van that he thought was locked. The child found the weapon and shot himself in the shoulder. 2-year-old hospitalized after shooting himself

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Tuesday, a rally in Pittsburg looked to raise awareness of sexual assault. The national “against our will” rally took place in the university oval. Organizers say the goal was not only to raise awareness, but also to give survivors a place to share their story and access to resources.

CARTHAGE, Mo. – The Carthage Water and Electric plant is celebrating public power week. Public Power week is a chance for utility companies to better engage with their communities. The plant in Carthage is hosting several events this week that the public can participate in. Yesterday they gave tours of the plant. Carthage Water & Electric Plant celebrates Public Power Week

SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT: A same-sex couple is suing the state of Nebraska’s Department of Health and Human Services. They wish to be recognized on the birth certificates of both of their children as equal mothers. The women say they are being discriminated against, and that their children are left in a vulnerable position. Do you think same sex couples should have the same parental rights as traditional couples? Join the discussion on Facebook or cast your vote on our KOAM InstaPoll @