News to Know (07/15/2021)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

Western, U.S- Thousands of Firefighters are battling dozens of wildfires across large parts of the Western U.S. More than a million acres of land have burned in about a dozen states. That as U.S. Fire officials report a shortage of jet fuel that could ground some planes used to drop retardant on fires.

Joplin, Mo- Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations are on the rise in the 4-state area, and it’s a major cause for concern for Joplin’s Freeman Coronavirus Team. Freeman Cardiologist Robert Stauffer is trying to convince the unvaccinated public to get their shots and addressed the media, saying vaccines are the only way for the 4-state area to truly overcome the Pandemic. Joplin’s Mayor tells us that city government is listening to the local medical community, and is not currently discussing bringing back Covid-19 restrictions. He and other members of city leadership believe focusing on getting the community vaccinated is the best way to beat the virus.

Jefferson City, Mo- Missouri Governor Mike Parson has signed bills that would increase police accountability, limit the use of officer chokeholds and, critics say, shield police while ramping up penalties for protesters. One measure puts limits on investigations of officers and provides protection against civil claims unless the officer is criminally convicted. The other bans police use of chokeholds.

Joplin, Mo- The City of Joplin is performing a structural analysis on a parking structure on East 6th Street, between Main and Virginia Avenue. The analysis comes after pieces of the structure’s ramp fell off when a forklift drove over it. That section of the street is closed off while the work is completed. Crews are currently using a non-destructive method of testing, x-raying the underlying structural steel. Renovations are expected to take place in the winter.