News to Know (07/09/2021)

The news you need to know before you head out the door

Springfield, Mo – Pfizer says it’s now ramping up efforts to roll out a Covid-19 booster shot to help increase immunity. They are also working on a newer version of its vaccine to target the fast-spreading Delta Variant. That comes as the CDC Director says more than 9 million Americans now live in parts of the country where Covid-19 hospitalizations and deaths are spiking significantly among people who have not been vaccinated.

Jefferson, Mo – Missouri Governor Parson works to tamp down rising concerns as Missouri becomes the nation’s leader in Covid-19 caseload. Data from Johns Hopkins University show that Missouri’s case load is 15 and a half new cases per 100-thousand people daily. Those numbers are fueled, in part by the fast spreading Delta Variant. The variant  was first recorded in Branson, Missouri, and now has been found in nearly every part of the state. That’s sparking warnings from health officials that what’s happening in our region, could happen in other parts of the country.

Oklahoma City, Ok – A U.S. Senator from Oklahoma, Jim Inhofe’s office is requesting 4 million dollars in Federal Funds to help combat illegal Oklahoma marijuana growing operations. Inhofe’s Chief of Staff says the Republican Senator has requested a direct appropriation through the U.S. Justice Department. He says the money would allow the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics to establish a unit to combat “transnational and national drug organizations”. Sheriffs and other Law Enforcement groups say illegal marijuana growers are setting up in rural parts of Oklahoma and funneling cannabis into the illegal drug trade.

McDonald County, Mo – The McDonald County Sheriff’s office, Wednesday arrested a kidnapping suspect. Authorities say 28-year-old Edmundo Cordero of Noel, Missouri was wanted on charges of kidnapping, domestic assault, and first degree burglary. When Officers tried to arrest him he ran but was caught. He is being held at the McDonald County Jail.