Newly renovated Chuck Barnes field waits for first game

Webb City Cardinals had 2 weeks of practice before COVID-19 outbreak halted season


Webb City completed renovations to Chuck Barnes baseball field ahead of the 2020 season.  The Cardinals got new turf, new dugouts, and new grass in the outfield.

“They’ve done a lot of exterior work outside the field too, so the field looks great,” adds Webb City head coach Flave Darnell.

The Cardinals got two weeks of practice on the new turf before the COVID-19 outbreak put a halt to the season.

“We understand that this is definitely bigger than any sport.  The NCAA canceled, MLB is pushing their season back.  We also know that there’s a lot of people effected with their jobs and several people have died obviously around the world from this, so we understand,” adds Darnell.

Right now, Chuck Barnes field sits and waits for its first game.

“I mean, obviously I played three years on the old Chuck Barnes field with all the horrible hops.  You know, it’s a pretty rough field — we called them ‘Chuck Hops’.  Like cause there were so many bad hops all over the place.  I just want to say I’ve been able to play on the new field, you know. I always wanted to the the first people to play on the new field,” says senior Cale McCallister.

The Missouri State High School Activities Association has not canceled spring sports all together, and the MSHSAA office is still preparing for possible spring championships.

“I’m so thankful that MSHSAA didn’t jump the gun and go ahead and cancel the entire season, like Kansas you know.  Cause I know I have buddies that play in Galena and other places around in Kansas and I know they’re heartbroken.  I’m just thankful that it’s not over yet.  I do have a little bit of hope to get to play a little bit,” adds McCallister.

As days go by and the season hangs in the balance, some seniors may end their carreers without seeing a single pitch.

“You grow up wanting to play your senior year — you have all your youger years just to play your senior year and having that possibly ripped away will suck so much,” says McCallister.

“With these guys in high school they only have four years to play. And it’s unfortunate things have been pushed back now, but we’re hopeful that this is just a small time that we’re off and we can get going at the end of April,” adds Darnell.  This is Darnell’s first year as the varsity head coach at Webb City.

The Cardinals have been doing solo workouts to stay in-shape at this time, due to rules set by MSHSAA.  The Cardinals hope they will get to utilize the new field this season.