Newly Elected Cherokee Co. Officials Ready to Fix Budget

Newly Elected Cherokee Co. Officials Ready to Fix Budget

Last week, Cherokee County officials said they had a “serious situation” with the county budget, unsure if they would be able to pay employees. Last night, new officials were elected to take office at this crucial time.
Money is tight in Cherokee County and although balancing the budget will take time, newly elected officials are ready to get to work.
“We need a fresh set of eyes. The current treasurer has been there about 20 years or so and still it’s a mess. We need a change in Cherokee County,” says Raven Elmore, the new treasurer.
“I think that it’s always good to have new ideas, fresh ideas and fresh approaches to the problems,” says Neal Anderson, the county commissioner elected for District 2.

Anderson says part of the problem within the county is that many are moving across state lines where taxes are lower.
“There’s a diminishing revenue coming in from taxation at the same time we’ve got that same level of services we’re trying to provide so it’s kind of a situation there where we’re going to have to make some adjustments there,” he says.
Raven Elmore was elected treasurer over the incumbent. She says her top priority will be balancing the books.
“The county has several accounts and I’m not sure all of them are up and balanced correctly. I think we need to get in there and make sure we’re balanced to the penny and customer’s checks are deposited on time,” she says.
The solution is for the county to somehow start collecting more revenue, which means promoting growth within Cherokee County is key.
“We lost two Walmart’s so that was a huge bruise to the county so we need business in here,” says Elmore.
“Whether it be offering incentives to companies to move and establish themselves here and I also think we need to do our best to encourage the existing businesses that we have here,” adds Anderson.
Both say they are going into office with a positive outlook.
Anderson will start his term as County Commissioner in January along with Cory Moats, who was elected as Commissioner for District 3. Elmore will take office in October 2017.
Current County Commissioners reviewed some bids for loans from banks to help the county’s general revenue fund but we have not heard whether a decision has been made on whether to accept them.