New York man faces drug charge in Jasper County

SARCOXIE, Mo. – A New York man faces a “Delivery of Controlled Substance” charge in Jasper County, Missouri. Authorities found more than $19,000, marijuana and several THC vape cartridges.

On April 8, 2020, at 8:05 p.m., officers with the Sarcoxie Police Department responded to a suspicious vehicle at 2755 High Street.

Officers got there and made contact with Randy Seepersaud from New York. Police say the odor commonly associated with marijuana could be smelled coming from the vehicle. They searched it and found 57.8 grams of marijuana, eleven 85% THC vape cartridges, 229 small baggies used for distribution and $19,445.

Authorities say Seepersaud claims to have bought the marijuana from a drug dealer for his escape trip from the coronavirus, and that he had gone behind the business to smoke.

Prosecutors have filed a charge of Delivery Of Controlled Substance.

The Sarcoxie Police Department added the following to its post on social media,

“Now, we know that it is just marijuana….no need to remind us but….👇

It is still illegal in Missouri at the amount that was found. It is illegal to partake the use of marijuana on business grounds. It is illegal to buy from drug dealers, unheard of right??

We kept a driver that was under the influence off the roadway for the time being.

Good work Officer Sweet, Officer Rice, and Cpl. Scheppert.”