New year brings several changes to Carthage Humane Society

Adding new med wing, partnering with lost pet app
New year brings several changes to Carthage Humane Society
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There’s a lot of changes coming to the Carthage Humane Society… including a new medical wing for sick animals, and a new app to help lost animals find their homes.

Robin Smith, Carthage resident, Humane Society board member:”I think that it’s gonna be a great project.”

For the last couple of months, Robin Smith and other members of the Carthage Humane Society board have been trying to get a grant for a new medical wing.

Smith:”We were awarded that, and it’s gonna go towards that from the Steadley Foundation, and it’s really exciting.”

Something that shelter Director Deborah Bell says has been desperately needed.

Deborah Bell, Carthage Humane Society Director:”We’ve really just had to find pockets within the building that really weren’t acceptable for animals to get better in.”

Renovations are now underway on the 66-thousand dollar re-vamped isolation area, that will keep dogs and cats with contagious diseases away from healthy animals.. and each other.

Bell:”We’re going to completely gut an existing building. There will be three separate units within the building.. it’s going to be cat isolation, it’ll be dog isolation, and then a parvo dog isolation. All will have separate ventilation, separate heating, separate water, separate drainage. It’s gonna be a huge blessing to us.”

The shelter also just started using an app called Finding Rover, that uses one hundred thirty point facial recognition and creates a database of pets, to connect pets back to their owners, before they end up at the shelter.

Bell:”If you are missing an animal, we would like you to take [upload] a picture of it, plug it in to Finding Rover with the picture, and it spans over to multiple shelters all around the vicinity as well as other rescues that might have found the animal.”

Bell says the application is free to use, and is being used by other shelters in the area.

But, it does requires a well lit picture of your pets face.. and doesn’t replace the need for micro-chipping.

Bell:”When you do a microchip, it’s a on time fee.. you never have to do it again. There’s so many good things that happen with micro-chipping. So, I believe having this new app will blanket your pet everywhere.”

Something that could be big for pet owners, as well as the shelter.

Smith:”I’ve had three strays in the last about month come to my house. I can’t keep them and I know they belong to somebody somewhere, so I have to call animal control to pick them up. And so I think this kind of thing will come in real handy in situations like that.”

Bell:”Any time we can get animals off the street, preferable not be brought in to the shelter so that there’s not fees that have to be paid by the owner, and also maintenance from us to have to pay for, it’s a win win situation.”

Just a few things that are causing a lot of excitement at the humane society.

Bell:”I feel so excited and blessed.”

Officials say the new isolation area should be complete within the next six weeks.

The grant from the Steadley Foundation is covering the cost of construction, but they are still asking for donations for medical equipment.

If you want to learn more about Finding Rover, follow this link.