New webpage details Missouri Covid-19 stimulus money

There are guidelines based on population.

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JOPLIN, Mo. – The State of Missouri has a new webpage that people can use to see how much Covid-19 stimulus money is going to various areas within the state.  The webpage is operated by state treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick’s office.

The state treasurer says his goal with this new webpage is to be transparent with people on how this stimulus money, or CARES Act Fund money, is being used.  The webpage right now includes basic information, including background information on the CARES Act, and guidance for state and local governments.  There is also some information on how this stimulus money is being distributed to local governments within the State of Missouri.

There are guidelines based on population.  For example, the population of a community has to exceed 500,000.  If a city’s population doesn’t exceed 500,000, then a county with a population of more than 500,000 could apply for this money.  The county would then have to distribute the funds to cities.

The state treasurer’s office plans on updating this website to show how money is being continuously used and distributed.