New transportation option for folks in Pittsburg

Psu Students Enjoy New Bird Scooters

PITTSBURG, Ks. – Pittsburg residents might be noticing a new fleet of rentable scooters scooting around the city limits.

The Bird company has brought a fleet of 50 electric scooters to town for folks to rent and Pittsburg City Hall is happy to have them here.

“We’re not in the habit of restricting businesses so we’re certainly wanting to have them as a business in Pittsburg. We also think that it’s a transportation option,” said Pittsburg Deputy City Manager Jay Byers.

The Bird app will tell you where you can find a scooter and charge you 39¢ a minute plus tax to ride them. When riders are done, Bird asks that they leave the scooter in a safe spot where the Bird cleaning team can pick them up.