New surveillance video released in Ottawa County lawsuit

Wrongful death suit was filed in 2015
Ottawa County Jail

OTTAWA COUNTY, Okla. – Newly released court documents reveal information about a lawsuit alleging employees of the Ottawa County Jail didn’t do enough to help a dying inmate in 2015.

According to court documents, it all started back in October of 2015 when Terral Ellis turned himself in for a DUI warrant to the Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office. The court documents say at that time, he was in good health, but things changed quickly after that.

We need to warn you now, that some of the audio from the surveillance video, maybe disturbing to some viewers.

The suit names the Ottawa County Board of County Commissioners, Sheriff Jeremy Floyd, but only in his official capacity, as well as several now former employees of the jail as well as Integris Miami EMS.

This clip is from October 15th, 2015, when Terral Ellis voluntarily turned himself in to the Ottwa County Jail – for a DUI warrant. Court documents say at that time, he was healthy. Twelve days later, he would be dead.

In Clip 9, Ellis can be heard shouting “D.O.! D.O.! D.O.!”

Elllis’s cell is just out of camera shot – in the upper right image. On October 22nd, just before 8:30 am he begins calling for help – and a jail employee responds.
In Clip 9. a jail employee can be heard saying “Who’s yelling? — What’s up? and Ellis replies “Please help.”

Ellis asked for help and got none according to documents.
In Clip 9 Ellis can be heard shouting “Help, Help! Somebody help! Help!”

He continued to cry for help, and a female employee eventually hears his cries.
In Clip 9, a female employee can be heard saying “That poor guy needs help.”

But despite that, records say he still received no assistance.
It wasn’t until 10:45 that morning that the jails nurse, Theresa Horn, who’s also named in the suit, came to him, but, according to the complaint and video, she didn’t offer any help.
In Clip 16, she can be heard saying, in part “The very first time you ‘oh I cant get up, I need help, oh I’m having seizures'”

The suit claims that the on-site health care providers failed to provide adequate care to Ellis, and that the Integris EMS providers that showed up are also liable because they didn’t take Ellis to the hospital citing their actions as negligent.

According to the suit, other inmates in the jail tried to get ellis medical attention, but it wasn’t until he was found cold and unresponsive at 1:38 that same day that help was called for. Ellis ultimately died around 2pm. According to the court records, the medical examiner determined the cause of death to be septic shock and pneumonia.

We did reach out to Integris Health who’s spokesperson told us they can’t comment on pending litigation.
The case is currently being handled by the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma.

We have provided links to all the video clips provided to us by the attorney for the defendants, Smolen and Roytman of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and each has the appropriate clip name that can be referenced in the story above. We do want to warn you, there is profanity in some of these clips. Additionally, court documents provided to us are included as well.