New Standards Implemented to Help Ensure Joplin Organization Uses Tax Money Efficiently

New Standards Implemented to Help Ensure Joplin Organization Uses Tax Money Efficiently

Joplin City Council members say changes have been made within the Joplin Sports Authority to ensure tax money is being used efficiently. City Council members say a recent incident brought to light the need for JSA members to realize they, along with workers of another organization, share the same goal.

Joplin Councilman Gary Shaw, along with fellow Councilman Taylor Brown, say outside organizations that receive tax money need to work on communication.

“Making sure there are some clearer processes here,” says Brown.

Brown is also a liaison to the Joplin Sports Authority. One of the JSA’s jobs is to attract and bid on events. City officials learned that the JSA didn’t bid on a Missouri Special Olympics bowling event; which in the past, brought more than 1,000 motel reservations to Joplin, according to City Council members.

“Number one, I enjoy us having a part in their lives,” says Shaw. “Those things help our economy, too. So it’s great to have it here.”

“Honestly, I think every player in this situation was trying to look out for Joplin. There was just some disagreement on how to do that,” says Brown.

City officials say Special Olympics workers felt JSA workers were upset Joplin’s Convention and Visitors Bureau was being used for initial planning on another possible Special Olympics Event, and JSA workers didn’t cooperate with Special Olympics planners.

“They’re both entities that are supposed to be working towards bringing folks towards our City,” says Shaw.

Brown says the JSA has formed a new internal committee to iron out any disagreements among Sports Authority officials.

“We’ve had key players at the table talking about how to communicate better for the customers’ sake,” says Brown.

…Brown and Shaw say it’s for the taxpayers’ sake, too.

Members of the JSA declined an interview with us. Joplin Mayor Mike Seibert says the City has lost the Special Olympics bowling event to St. Joseph, Missouri . He doesn’t know if other Special Olympics events will be held in Joplin.

The JSA receives Joplin motel/hotel tax for part of its funding.