New school opening in Joplin provides unique combination of private and homeschool education

The private, Christian, K-6 university style school will be hosted by the Calvary Baptist Church.
Gloria Deo

JOPLIN, Mo. – The Gloria Deo Academy was started in Springfield 15 years ago…

And when a parent of a student there moved to Joplin, they were determined to bring a branch of the school there with them.

“Several families had moved from Springfield to Joplin that attended the school so we decided, we approached the head of schools and said what about a Joplin campus and she said find me a church and we did” said Joplin Campus Administrator, Erin Loutzenhiser.

The private, Christian, K-6 university style school will be hosted by the Calvary Baptist Church.

“The school is extremely unique, there’s similar schools around the country but its few and far between so it’s a school I’ve never seen before” added Loutzenhiser.

Unique in the way that it is a combination of private school and homeschooling. Students attend classes two days per week and parents work through lessons given by the teachers at home the remaining three days.

Which appealed to Joplin resident, Megan Walvoord.

“Basically my options would have been private school, public school or homeschool, had the school not been here, and this is just a great combination of private and homeschool both.”

Loutzenhiser says they believe there is a need for a school of this kind in the Joplin community.

“It spread via word of mouth in the homeschool community, so as soon as we started the other administrator and I started posting on our Facebooks, I mean I just got another message just now from another parent, so it’s coming quickly.”

And she says they are excited to open their doors and expand to higher grades as well when the time comes.

“Our school will open this fall of course were all anxiously watching COVID but right now we are on par to opening in august,”

Enrollment is now open for the Gloria Deo Academy. You can find more information on their website.