New public health officer sworn in for Crawford County

Former Crawford County health officer and current Crawford County Health Department Director Rebecca Adamson didn’t want to comment to KOAM on Friday an about stepping down from the public health officer role, but County Commissioner Jeremy Johnson said she did a great job.

“I mean honestly, I was a little surprised at her resignation. She has done a stellar job. It was not out of not being able to do the work,” said Johnson.

In Crawford County, the public health officer makes day to day decisions concerning the county’s pandemic response while also coordinating with the state and federal government. The health department director runs the health department and its many programs, and Adamson will continue on in that role.

County Commissioners say they’re considering separating the two jobs in the future.

“Running the day to day public health stuff is kind of on a different level than managing a public health crisis. It’s really kind of a separate set duties,” said Johnson.

Later in the day, the Crawford County Health Department announced that Dr. Timothy Stebbins had been sworn in as the new Crawford County health officer and that Dr. Linda Bean had been sworn in as the deputy public health officer.